Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feeding Again

The picture below is just an animated picture. It’s basically pictures (six in this case) layered on each other and animated. I hope it works, click on the picture and click the reload button on the browser to watch it again. It shows my current set up..

The TBH and the hive to the right are waiting on packages or splits. I haven't made up my mind how I'm going to work it all yet, but by the end of this season I hope to have colonies running on all of them plus a support Nuc.

My Citrus allergies began to act up yesterday. I walked over to my trees and sure enough.......Citrus has begun to bloom. Although the pollen count is currently high; I decided to start feeding again due to a cold front approaching. High winds and lower temperatures will not be ideal for the bees to forage.

On the other hand, the colony seems strong and it’s not good to have too many idle bees. A swarm from the colony right now would not be ideal. My prevention effort was to provide more room and work in the form of placing the 1st honey supper of the season.

I simply removed the last wooden frame (no foundation), and placed another plastic foundation frame in what has become my 1.5 hive (1 deep body, 1 medium body). The supper pictured below is now composed of ten plastic frames.
Next I placed a queen excluder, and a medium supper with 9 wooden frames (with starter strips), and in the middle the one full frame I removed from the medium below.

On top of this sits my feeder. Hopefully feeding should maintain the population boom, and give them resources to build comb on these frames. My uneducated guess would say that by mid to late April I should be able to fill some comb honey requests

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