Sunday, March 15, 2009

Assembling Beemax Hives

Parts and tools (mallet and glue) to assemble a Beemax hive (Super in this case)

Insert the L brackets into body of hive. The frames sit on the L- brackets.

Align joints and tap with mallet until joints slip in about 1/4 of and inch. Apply a mild glue (elmers is a good choice) to joints. Tap down with mallet untill joints slip completely in.
Confirm that all emblems and writing are oriented in the same direction; it is possible to insert parts upside down. The clue of an upside down part is seen below. Notice how the hive edge is not aligned.

Two Beemax supers assemble in less than 5 minutes.
Two coats of paint will take a few days. What is Beemax made out of? Click here to find out

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