Sunday, April 6, 2008

Redirect Traffic on the TBH

I’ve been somewhat disappointed in the lack of interest the bees have shown on the cavity of the TBH. Observations in the window were rather uneventful. Usually 3 or 4 bees exploring the wax I used to install the starter strips.

Saturday I decide to take drastic measures. I closed the Nuc’s entrance, and forced traffic to have to redirect down into the TBH’s entrance. There was a huge jam for 10 minutes were the Nuc’s entrance used to be. Eventually a couple of bees found the new entrance, began fanning, and traffic resumed in and out via the TBH entrance. Inspection today (looked into the observation window) revealed several dozen bees showing interest in the 1st bar inside the TBH

I rather this group wouldn't waste too much time, energy, or resources building up the nuc. I would like to use the nuc and the drawn out frames to kick start my packages due at the beginning of May.

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