Monday, January 21, 2008

Fight…… Fight…… Fight…… Fight……

You know it had to be a good fight when someone misplaces their head. I can only offer educated guesses as to why these drones are in front of the hive.

Above - Drone's head on the left been dragged away by the bee, it's body to the right.
Above- lower left bee (fuzzy). Bee dragging head of drone away. Middle, back side of second drone.

Below- Close up of second drone.

Weather had been wonderful for the last few days. Then we get hit by a cold spell.
If the drones are from my hive were they removed to save resources? Not knowing that the cold spell will just last a day or two.
Are they drones from feral hives attempting to come in uninvited for a free meal.

Either way, is good to know that there are young drones in the area already. Spring is around the corner, pollen is coming in, and the number of bees is climbing. I need to keep an eye out for an early swarm, and I need to build my NUCS just in case. When to split is the million dollar question right now. My goal right now but subject to change..... Split Late February early March.

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